My name is Rebecca Padilla. I am a proud to be Catholic woman. I live in the glorious State of Florida with my wonderful husband, Felix and our five beautiful children. I recall from a very early age feeling a deep desire to do something about issues of social justice. I am deeply troubled by the oppression of God’s people and God’s planet. I view the social world through the lenses of a Christian sociologist. I will be using this lens in my writings here. I currently teach sociology courses at a local community college. My ultimate aim as a college instructor is to raise consciousness about issues of oppression in our world. In the fall of 2016, I will be embarking on a new journey. I will be pursuing a Master of Theology degree online from the Augustine Institute. The purpose of this blog is to promote the idea of sainthood for all. I truly believe our main purpose in life is to become a saint. It is my mission to use this blog to help myself and others along on the journey towards sainthood.